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Monday, January 1, 2024

Paths of Possibility

I'm drawn to photos with paths in them. The boardwalk through the marsh, the foot path through the forest, the sidewalk cutting through a park. A path is an invitation to step into possibility. When I accept, I can unlock potential and generate something new. 

Not all paths lead to good places, of course. We might get off track or encounter a hazard. Or the path could end and force us to double back and start over. But then we encounter another path and possibility. The key is to choose a path, and then another, and another.

What does "taking a path" mean in practical Tuesday at 2pm terms? It's when we:

  • Take an action that moves something forward.
  • Ask someone for input.
  • Make requests that shift things for us.
  • Literally - get up and go for a walk down a path.
  • Change our daily habits such that the vibe and direction of our day is different.
  • Say NO to something so we can say YES to something else.
  • Somehow better align our daily life to support our dreams and intentions.

I took this picture of two paths near my house this morning, January 1st. Here's to walking toward possibility in 2024!

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