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I created this combination blog and website to make my life easier so I can focus on adventuring, writing, and wellness. 

My Nonfiction Books

I've lost count of how many nonfiction books I've written. Maybe more than twenty? Millions of words! Here are a few of my nonfiction books. You can find all that Amazon carry here. 

Two Weeks to a Breakthrough: Small Changes, Big Impact.

In the second edition of this book I share ways you can make major progress toward any goal in two weeks or less. Small actions you can take that make a big impact. Move beyond your fears and bad habits to generate breakthroughs in spite of the overwhelming clutter of everyday life. Amazon link.

High Impact Middle Management: Powerful Strategies to Thrive in the Middle

A must-have book for middle managers and those who coach or train them. Middle managers are the engines of their organization and theirs is a tough job. I have the greatest respect for middle managers and have created this book to help managers succeed. Amazon link.

Coaching Basics

One of the quickest and most effective ways for you to affect an organization is through coaching. Coaching yields short-term and long-term payoffs. Helping others achieve their goals boosts results today and builds the organization’s skills for tomorrow. Coaching Basics presents a concept of coaching targeted and focused on helping clients move their goals forward. Amazon link.

10 Steps to Be a Successful Manager

Updated edition! I have great respect for managers and believe they are the engines within our organizations. It’s a burden and a privilege and a role that impacts many people. In this book, I share what great managers do to bring out the best in others to produce exceptional results. Amazon link.

The ASTD Management Development Handbook

The ASTD Management Development Handbook is a powerful and useful collection of writing covering many aspects of management in today’s business climate. Deftly edited by management expert Lisa Haneberg, The ASTD Management Development Handbook provides the best and most insightful thinking on leadership from modern management professionals who are in touch with the issues, challenges, opportunities, and dynamics present in contemporary corporate culture. These contributors, while writing in a range of styles and on a range of management- and leadership-related topics, have in common a great deal of real-world managerial experience, a passion for communicating their insights clearly, and a desire to share their cutting-edge thinking on best management practices. Amazon link.

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