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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Apparently I'm an Empath?

Just got back from a week in Sedona and the Grand Canyon. While in Sedona, I had my aura picture taken. I also had a psychic reading. And then, because I'm a curious brat, I had my aura photo taken again somewhere different. 

Here's the bottom line. 

The three psychics/interpreters I saw offered solid advice that could apply to most people. Great general reminders like to meditate, spend more time in nature, have more fun, and to try journalling. I might've dodged a bullet because if they could have told my future or read my mind it would've been scary.

The two aura photos look nothing alike. One is all fiery and the other is like cool water! Not sure what to think about the aura photos...

I'm an Empath? All three women - who did not share notes and were not in the same location - told me I was a "double empath." And they each said I was a "higher level" of empath than most. One said that only 15% have the same double empath tendency. Another said that she knew many psychics who'd wish they had readings like mine. Another called me a unicorn. 

Unicorn! Curious! Interesting! 

But...It made me wonder...if I'm that strong an empath, wouldn't I know this about myself? Or feel it or sense it or know it in whatever way empaths come to understand something? Seems like only a crappy empath would be oblivious to it. I must be a crappy empath.

I need to do more research. Clearly.

Aura Photo #2

Aura Photo #1